Photo of Team Austria celebrating their Solar Decathlon 2013 victory.

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

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Communications Contest

(100 points)

From team websites to signage and public tours, the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Communications Contest challenges teams to educate others about their houses, their experiences, and their projects.

A jury of communications professionals awards points for team communications efforts, including the quality, creativity, delivery, and innovation of their outreach documentation, on-site tours, and educational strategies.

The Communications Jury evaluates:

  • Communications strategy
    • Is the communications strategy comprehensive, consistent, and integrated?
    • Are the educational and outreach messages effective?

  • Electronic communications
    • How well does the team communicate its messages to online audiences?
    • Is the team website logical, consistent, and enjoyable?
    • Are social media used effectively?

  • Public exhibit materials
    • Do the signage and handout presented to visitors communicate the team's messages?
    • Are the public exhibit materials creative, original, and informative ?

  • Public exhibit presentation
    • Is the house tour informative, interesting, and engaging?

  • Audiovisual presentation
    • Is the audiovisual presentation interesting and informative?
    • How well does the presentation showcase the completed house?