Photo of Team Austria celebrating their Solar Decathlon 2013 victory.

U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

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Market Appeal Contest

(100 points)

Each U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon team builds its house for a target client of its choosing. The Market Appeal jury, composed of professionals from the homebuilding industry, evaluates the responsiveness of the house design to the characteristics and requirements of that target client. New for 2015, all houses must be designed as primary residences that will be occupied year-round.

The jury considers:

  • Livability
    • Does the design offer a safe, functional, convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable place to live?
    • Does it offer appropriate lighting, entertainment, and other controls?
    • Does it meet the unique needs and desires of the target client?

  • Marketability
    • Does the house have interior and exterior appeal?
    • Are the material, equipment, and detailing choices appealing?
    • Do sustainability features and strategies contribute to the house's marketability?
    • Is the house a good value for potential homebuyers?

  • Buildability
    • Do the drawings and construction specifications enable a contractor to generate an accurate construction cost estimate and then construct the house as it was intended it to be built?