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Denver, Colorado
October 5-15, 2017
Photo of a group of men, women, and children visiting Solar Decathlon 2013. Two men, wearing yellow Solar Decathlon volunteer t-shirts are speaking to the visitors outside a welcome tent at the event. The whole group is standing outside in the sunshine just in front of a large map of the Solar Decathlon village.

Volunteer Roles

Volunteers for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon work alongside Solar Decathlon organizers in roles such as greeters, docents, visitor liaisons, education days mentors, water delivery and retrieval, volunteer registration, and more. There is no limit to how many shifts a volunteer may select.

Learn more about these volunteer roles:

Greeters welcome visitors to the Solar Decathlon and provide general information about the competition, house and docent tours, and food and restroom locations. In addition, greeters hand out event programs. Standing and walking for the duration of the shift is required.

Docent-guided tours are offered every 15 minutes from a Welcome Tent. In addition to performing the functions of greeters, docents lead simple, 20- to 30-minute group tours of the village and provide a one-to-two sentence overview of each house. Docents should be comfortable interacting with the public and able to answer questions about energy efficiency, solar energy technologies, and the 10 contests of the Solar Decathlon. Docents are required to do extensive study to prepare their tours. (Talking points are provided.) Standing and walking for the duration of the shift is required.

Visitor liaisons monitor line wait times, count visitors, and answer basic wayfinding questions. Standing and walking for the duration of the shift is required.

Registration volunteers register volunteers at the start and completion of their shifts. Duties include confirming registration forms are complete, collecting and filing required forms, issuing T-shirts, taking photographs, and additional tasks as assigned. Moderate lifting is required. This is a seated position. We would prefer that registration volunteers sign up for three or more shifts in this role.

Mentors greet middle-school field trip groups and stay with their assigned group until the buses return for the end of the school day, at approximately 2 p.m. There are rotating activities to guide the students through, including about 2 hours in the Solar Decathlon Village and up to 45 minutes for lunch. Standing and walking for the duration of the shift is required.

Site operations/water delivery and retrieval assistants help with water delivery to and retrieval from the Solar Decathlon team houses. These volunteers must be physically fit and able to lift heavy items. A minimum age of 18 and personal protective equipment is required for this role.