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Louisy Spak is #SDLivingtheDream:
Putting her Design Challenge experience to use in Brazil

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

She learned a lot in the 2017 Design Challenge, and now she helps design condos in Brazil. Hear more about Louisy Spak’s experience in our continuing series.


Name: Louisy Spak

Year participated in Solar Decathlon: 2017 Design Challenge (formerly Race to Zero)

University team: Sobrado Solar – Universidade Federal do Paraná

Current organization / employer: Multipla Arquitetura, Nova Arquitetura

Current role: Architect, owner and BIM specialist

How did participation in the Solar Decathlon affect the trajectory of your career?
Since the beginning, it was very important to delve into a kind of architecture that isn’t so widespread in Brazil. Being able to have contact with the teams, get to know their designers and creative solutions, and improve my acknowledgement of different construction techniques, was necessary for my profession and to make an architecture that I believe, within our possibilities. After Race to Zero, I met some alternative local suppliers and raw materials, managed to build with other techniques and participated in the construction of medium-size buildings with sustainable seals.

Above and below: The Sobrado Solar – Universidade Federal do Paraná team entry in the 2017 Design Challenge (formerly Race to Zero).

Describe a work outcome, building project or other achievement you are most proud of and how (if) it relates to your experience with Solar Decathlon.
The participation in the medium-size buildings with some sustainable strategies were the ones that most marked me after Race to Zero, precisely because they are being built and following the project to the letter. One of them is the GBC Brazil Condominium, and another is a pioneer project of GBC Interior Certification. As they are pre-launches, the websites aren’t yet up to date.

You can learn more about Multipla Arquitetura at its website and Instagram.

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