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Photo of student working at computer.

A student from the University of Virginia worked on a newsletter in his team's home office space in 2002.

Solar Decathlon 2002

Graphics and Communication

(100 points)

To encourage the 2002 Solar Decathletes to add students in communications to their teams, the Graphics and Communications Contest asked them to create media and house tours that explained the designs of their homes, including the solar energy and energy efficiency technologies.

For this contest, each team had to develop:

  • A Web site
  • Newsletters
  • House tours

Judging Criteria

Basic subjective criteria for the Graphics and Communications Contest included:

  • Meeting deadlines
  • Developing audience-appropriate content
  • Developing a consistent format and design
  • Being creative and creating interest

And the Winner Was...

The University of Colorado won this contest with a total score of 93.077 points out of 100 possible points. Here are the scores they received for each part of the contest:

  • Web site — 40 points
  • Newsletters — 23.077 points
  • House tours — 30 points

You can learn more about the University of Colorado's home and team.