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Photo of a kitchen.

The University of Missouri-Rolla's kitchen featured energy-efficient appliances, such as the refrigerator and freezer.

Solar Decathlon 2002


(100 points)

Appliances typically account for 20% to 30% of the energy consumption in our homes. Refrigerators and freezers sit at the top of this consumption list. The Refrigeration Contest challenged the 2002 Solar Decathletes to demonstrate that adequate cold storage for food can be provided in homes with minimal energy use.

Measured Criteria

Objective criteria for the Refrigeration Contest included:

  • Maintaining a temperature range of 32°-40°F in fresh food refrigerator compartment
  • Maintaining a temperature range of 40°-0°F in freezer compartment
  • Maintaining low electrical energy consumption

Judging Criteria

Criteria for the Refrigeration Contest included:

  • Ease of use and operation
  • Integration of the system into the house energy system

And the Winner Was...

The University of Missouri-Rolla and Rolla Technical Institute won this contest with a total score of 90.769 points out of 100 possible points.

You can learn more about Rolla's home and team.