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Photo of team members holding trophy standing on the porch of their house.

The University of Colorado team showed its first-place trophy for the 2002 Solar Decathlon on the front porch of its house.

Solar Decathlon 2002

Contests and Results

During the 2002 Solar Decathlon, 14 teams of college and university students competed in 10 contests that focused on the teams' abilities to design and build energy-efficient, solar-powered homes. Each team could earn up to 1,100 points in all. The team with the most points—the University of Colorado—was the overall winner, earning 875.302 points.

Some of the teams also received special awards—from People's Choice to Best Construction Safety—during the 2002 Solar Decathlon.

Points were awarded on the basis of both subjective (judged) and objective (measured) evaluations. For example, building professionals—architects, energy analysis experts, and engineers—judged the teams' homes and their features to evaluate architectural and engineering designs. The teams' communications efforts were also judged subjectively. Heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, solar water heating, and lighting systems were evaluated by judges and by the ability to meet certain measured criteria. Solar electric systems and performance in the electric vehicles were evaluated only on the basis of measured criteria. For more information about the final results, see the final scores and standings summary (PDF 158 KB).

Here, you can learn more about each of the ten contests, including scoring, judging, measurement-based evaluation, and winners: