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Drawing of a house.

An example of the excellent illustrations on the 2002 University of Texas's Web site.

Solar Decathlon 2005


(100 Points)

To be of lasting value, even the most creative and innovative ideas must be communicated to others, or they will be lost.

The Solar Decathlon is not only a competition; it's also a public event held on the National Mall. Many visitors will come to the Mall to be inspired by the creative and innovative solar homes designed by tomorrow's building professionals.

The Communications contest challenges teams to communicate their experiences to a wide audience — other students and professors, school kids, tourists, homeowners, energy and building professionals, those working in the building trades such as electricians and plumbers, the list goes on. Through Web sites and public tours, the teams will share their stories about the Solar Decathlon and the knowledge they've gained. Their experiences and their houses will serve as living demonstrations of using solar energy and energy efficiency technologies in the home.

Panels of judges with expertise in communications and public relations will judge the teams' Web sites and house tours and award points based on the success of the teams in delivering clear and consistent messages and images that represent the teams' visions and results.