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The final weekend of the Solar Decathlon saw fabulous weather. It was very rewarding for all involved to see the tremendous interest the public had in the event. Here, visitors are learning about the Maryland house as they wait to enter.

Photo of the Solar Decathlon solar village.

Here we see the east end of the village as the event winds down. In the closing hours, there are still lines to see the houses and the technology.

Photo of the Cornell house at the Solar Decathlon.

The Cornell team had extensive landscaping outside their house. To make their trip back to New York easier, they gave away their plants. So, everyone who took a tour helped themselves to some of the produce and plants on their way out!

Photo of Solar Decathlon Director, Richard King, and his wife, Melissa.

Solar Decathlon Director, Richard King, and his wife, Melissa, have mixed emotions about the close of the 2005 Solar Decathlon. But, both will now catch up on some much needed sleep!

Photo of Solar decathlon organizers.

Solar Decathlon organizers, along with the students have spent more than two years bringing the 2005 Solar Decathlon to life. Here, Cecile Warner (right), event manager, and Mike Wassmer (center), rules official, prepare to oversee the disassembly phase of the competition.

Solar Decathlon 2005

Daily Journal — October 16, 2005

Goodbye and thank you.

The village was incredibly crowded on the last day! What a fitting testimonial to the success of the Solar Decathlon. People are hungry for information and keenly interested in the solar homes. We all feel the past two weeks have been extremely worthwhile.

To everyone who helped, thank you for working together to make the 2005 Solar Decathlon the greatest competition ever held. Collectively, you are the hardest working, most energetic, most inspiring group of people I have ever worked with. I am so proud to have had the privilege to work along side each one of you.

To our sponsors, thank you so much for supporting the Department of Energy in making the event possible. We value the partnerships that were formed, and the assistance you provided.

To the faculty advisors, thank you for providing the motivation and leadership that have been instrumental in inspiring your students to extend their collegiate learning experiences in new dimensions. Each of you has displayed your own unique blend of wisdom, patience, expertise, encouragement, and compassion. Your unwavering belief in the potential of your students has made the difference in this stunning demonstration of talent and skill on the National Mall.

To the students, thank you for showing the nation and the world that the future is now. I applaud each one of you for demonstrating the positive power of ingenuity and productivity. As you move on and enter into your careers, I expect you to continue to lead us to a brighter future!

Reporting from the village,
Richard King, Department of Energy