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Photo of the 2005 Solar Decathlon teams and organizers.

During the Opening Ceremonies for the 2005 Solar Decathlon, student members of the 18 teams and the organizers posed for a group photo.

Solar Decathlon 2005

Technical Report

A full report of the 2005 event, Solar Decathlon 2005: The Event in Review is available electronically (PDF 3.5 MB). Download Adobe Reader.

Technical Report Web Site Resources

The following files are provided as additional resources to the technical report.

2005 Solar Decathlon Rules and Regulations

The official rules and regulations for the 2005 Solar Decathlon.

Daily Journals

During the competition, daily updates written by Competition Director, Richard King were posted on the Web site. These journals give a sense of day-to-day life during the competition.

Daily Event Schedule

This schedule contains all activities the teams needed to know about, 24 hours a day, from the time of their arrival in Washington, D.C., through assembly, the competition, disassembly, and departure. (PDF 2.2 MB)

Juror and Judge Information

Brief biographical information about each juror and judge.

Final Detailed Scores and Standings

The complete scoring spreadsheet, including very detailed information for each team and contest. (Zip 13.5 MB)

Brief Contest Reports

Teams had the option of submitting a brief report for the subjectively judged contest activities listed below. Before the event began, these reports were given to members of the jury or panel of judges associated with each of the contest activities. The jurors and judges used the reports to preview what they would be evaluating at the event. The contest reports provided by the teams ranked in the top three for each contest and individual contest activities are included, as available. And all contest reports from the Colorado team are also included, as available.

Architecture Jury Evaluations

Dwelling Panel Evaluations


Web Site Panel Evaluations

House Tours Panel Evaluations


Electric Lighting Quality

Daylighting Quality

Engineering (Comfort Zone and Hot Water)

Comprehensive Assessment of Thermal Comfort

Comprehensive Assessment of Indoor Air Quality

Comprehensive Assessment of Hot Water

Instrumentation and Monitoring for Solar Decathlon 2005

Description of the monitoring equipment used in the competition. (PDF 102 KB)

Equipment Summaries

Information about the following equipment used in each 2005 and 2002 competition house (PDF 84 KB):

  • Space heating, cooling, and ventilation
  • PV systems
  • Electrical storage and conversion
  • Water heating systems
  • Building envelope materials.

Complete "As-Built" Drawings and Submittals from the 2005 Teams

Drawings and other required information, such as equipment and specifications, as submitted by the 2005 teams for the competition. Not all teams submitted required files; only those files made available by the teams are available here. The files contained within the zip files may be in a variety of file formats, which may or may not be readable by any given user.

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