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Photo of the roof of a house. The majority of the roof is made of red tile, but thin black photovoltaic panels are used in place of tiles in one section. In the background are the roofs of numerous other houses, all of which also include similar photovoltaic panels. Further in the background are rolling yellow and green hills.

A BP Solar energy system of about 3.5 kW helps power this home in California.

Photo of a brick home with blue wood siding and a photovoltaic array of 16 panels on the roof. In the yard, a woman and small girl are watering the lawn.

Energy TileTM, BP Solar's building-integrated product, is featured in homes by PinnBrothers in the Orchard Heights Community of San Jose, California.
Courtesy of PetersenDean

Solar Decathlon 2009


BP is pleased to continue its support of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon as a 2009 sponsor. A consistent sponsor since the program began in 2002, BP is investing in the Solar Decathlon to support some of the world's finest academic teams as they learn about and advance solar technology and energy-efficient applications. BP Solar is again offering discounted solar materials and technology support to university teams. Through its Solar Decathlon participation, BP is also helping provide energy education opportunities for consumers, policy makers, teachers, and students of all ages.

As one of the world's largest energy companies, BP provides people with fuel for transportation, energy for heat and light, and various products and services they want and need. As an energy company that is committed to building a sustainable future, BP is making diverse investments to enhance energy supply and security while reducing the impact of energy use on the environment. The largest producer of oil and gas in the United States, BP has invested billions of dollars over the past decade to develop solar and other alternative energy resources.

BP Alternative Energy, launched in November 2005, combines BP's interests in low- and zero-carbon energy, including solar electricity, wind power, hydrogen power with carbon capture and storage, and biofuels. BP Solar, part of BP Alternative Energy, is a global company that designs, manufactures, and markets products that use the sun's energy to generate electricity for a wide range of applications, including existing and new homes, small and large businesses, and various industry, public, and government facilities.

With more than 35 years of experience and installations in most countries, BP Solar is one of the world's leading solar energy companies. The company plans to grow its U.S. and global business by offering clean energy solutions that are competitive with other energy resources available to the electric power grid. BP Solar provides peace of mind by delivering the most reliable solar power offers at a lower cost per kilowatt-hour over the life of the system.