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Photo of a large, 9-story office building on the corner of an intersection. The front of the building is made of glass. The back is made of brick. In front is a colorful sculpture. At the intersection, taxis and a bus wait for a stoplight, and people walk the sidewalks.

Pepco's headquarters building in the District of Columbia earned LEED Gold certification in 2009 under the Existing Buildings, Operations & Maintenance program.

Photo of 48 black photovoltaic panels aligned in four rows on a gravel-covered roof. A railing surrounds the roof perimeter. In the background are numerous buildings.

The photovoltaic system on this Pepco substation reduces the conventional power needed to provide service to run the facility. The solar panel array supports Pepco's commitment to reduce the company's carbon footprint and is a model for future substation construction.

Solar Decathlon 2009


Pepco, a regulated electric utility that serves 767,000 customers in the District of Columbia and most of Montgomery and Prince George counties in Maryland, is delighted to be a part of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2009. The company provides critical event support in the form of electricity meters, electric utility interconnection, outreach, and volunteers.

The world has changed since Pepco first began providing service more than 100 years ago. Today, our nation is facing critical energy challenges that include the high cost of energy and the impact of energy use on the environment. Energy conservation, the smart grid, and renewable energy sources such as solar power offer solutions to some of these challenges. In 2007, Pepco installed photovoltaic panels at two locations in the District of Columbia as part of the company's plan to meet future energy needs and demonstrate the technology to others.

The company's service center on Benning Road and a substation located in northeast D.C. each feature a 10-kW solar array that supplements the power needs of the facility. An increasing number of customers also is seeking to install renewable energy systems. Pepco's Green Power ConnectionTM net metering service ensures those systems are safely connected with Pepco's electrical system and allows customers to sell unused power back to the power grid.

Pepco is moving forward with plans to install a smart grid, which will help the power delivery system operate more efficiently and enable customers to better manage their energy use and save money. The smart grid will provide technologies to help consumers make full use of solar and other renewable energy options.

Pepco's plans include a balanced blend of technology and energy-efficiency solutions. Advanced electronic meters with two-way communication will provide data that allow customers to accurately monitor household energy use, including when they use it, how much they use, and how much it costs. Information will be communicated via a smart thermostat, or an in-home display device, on www.pepco. com or by contacting Pepco. This will allow consumers to be better informed and help them make adjustments that can reduce electricity use and lower their bills.