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Solar Decathlon 2013


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Government leaders are under increasing pressure to meet the needs of a technologically savvy workforce and provide the highest levels of services to citizens. With sequestration set to reduce overall government spending by $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years, now, more than ever, they need to identify ways to slash capital and operational expenses across the board. Cabinet members and officials in the administration are continually challenging federal agencies to move toward new economic models that achieve the same critical goals and missions with fewer resources.

As agency officials look to adopt new and innovative solutions to transform their organizations, many are working to modernize federal IT networks and applications to help streamline processes, better connect government employees, serve citizens, and protect our country. Agency personnel are driving growth of cloud computing and shared services, secure mobility, and secure collaboration to deliver strategic, intelligent, cost-effective networks that improve government performance, security, and services to address current challenges and help our country and our citizens thrive.

Cisco is a leader in innovative technology that is transforming how government organizations better protect, serve, and educate their constituencies. Through our proven, secure cross-architecture approach, Cisco is enabling government leaders to rethink how they deliver and safeguard critical services and assets during unprecedented budgetary challenges—all while increasing workforce productivity, enhancing operational efficiencies, and driving down costs. Our solutions accelerate technology performance and business decisions and deliver a high-quality, secure, assured experience. An example of this leadership is Cisco's sponsorship of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013, for which Cisco is sponsoring Internet access that enables the competition by connecting the teams and organizers. Cisco is also providing a world-class wireless Internet experience for visitors to the Solar Decathlon village and XPO.

Cisco invests more than $5 billion annually in research and development, leading the way in network innovations for the U.S. government and energizing the industry response to next-generation government IT challenges. Our Research and Advanced Development organization works to identify new technologies and promote adoption across Cisco's engineering divisions. Programs are focused on architecture, open source governance and strategy, and baseline product capabilities.

With hundreds of years of combined U.S. government experience, our employees are well positioned to share industry best practices and adapt Cisco's technology portfolios to support federal government missions.

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