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Photo of the front view of Maryland's Solar Decathlon house. The slanted roof is covered in solar panels and the wall off the deck is made of four glass panels. Two students are standing on the deck, surrounded by small potted plants. Photo of the side view of Maryland's Solar Decathlon house, which has another large deck and two glass doors leading into the house. Photo of the rear view of Maryland's Solar Decathlon house, also with a large deck. The back wall has one glass door leading into the house and several smaller windows. The house is under construction and is surrounded by a chain-link fence. Photo of the kitchen under construction in Maryland's Solar Decathlon house. The island has a stovetop and a counter made of a heavy slab of wood. Two women stand in the kitchen.

Solar Decathlon 2007

Daily Journal - September 18, 2007

Maryland's LEAF House

Wendy Burt and I attended Maryland's "LEAF House" opening last week on Tuesday, September 11. They had a rousing turnout on the campus in College Park. The LEAF house is not completely finished, but very close. The team opened the house to tours for VIPs invited to the ceremony, and gave a virtual tour to a large audience of supporters. Shown are front, back, and side views of the house, as well as an inside photo of the kitchen area. Note the counter top made from a hand-carved piece of tree trunk.

The local favorite is well on the way to performing well at this year's Solar Decathlon. All the other teams had better "fear the turtle." (For all those who don't know, the turtle is Maryland's mascot.)

Richard King
Department of Energy