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Photo of the narrow side of the house, with stairs leading up to a door.

The west side of Carnegie Mellon's house.

Photo of the rear of the house, which has two wings and a small courtyard in the center.

The south side and back of the Carnegie Mellon house.

Photo of the kitchen, with light wood countertops and cabinets.

The kitchen cabinetry was built by the students.

Photo of the multiple levels of plants set against the front of the house, with a watering tank above them.

The front of the house features a green area complete with watering tank.

Solar Decathlon 2007

Daily Journal - September 26, 2007

Carnegie Mellon's Very Green House

I attended Carnegie Mellon's send off last Thursday. Amazing team, very green house. Reminds me of UVA's 2002 project, which won best Architecture because of its pioneering design wrapped in sustainability. This is a heavy architecture-led team, with most students from the architecture department. Dr. Stephen Lee, the architecture professor who is advising for the third time, says this team is by far the best of the three. He said he has practiced architecture for 30 years and is still impressed each time he walks into the house. It feels so spacioushe can't believe it is only 800 square feet.

About 100 peoplestudents and sponsorsshowed up to wish the team well in the Solar Decathlon. The team stayed for hours and gave tours inside and outside. The house is located in a parking lot of a recycling center for used building materials. Perfect synergy for their focus on sustainability.

Richard King
Department of Energy