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Solar Decathlon 2007

Podcasts: Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman Discusses the Solar Decathlon (Text Version)

Below is the text version of the podcast recorded by Secretary of Energy Samuel Bodman. Visit the Solar Decathlon Podcasts section to subscribe to the podcast or download individual audio files.


This is a special 2007 Solar Decathlon edition of Energy Buzz, the podcast series produced by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, DC. Energy Buzz brings you expert information about renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Hello and thank you for taking the time to listen to this podcast about the 2007 Solar Decathlon.

My name is Sam Bodman, and I am the Secretary of the United States Department of Energy. This is the third time the Department of Energy has led this remarkable international competition. It is indeed an exciting, world-class event.

You know, as a former college professor, I can tell you that it is personally very gratifying for me to spend time with the students who have this year chosen to become Solar Decathletes. These teams of very impressive young people from around the world have worked to design, finance, construct, and operate the most energy-efficient, solar-powered homes imaginable. And imagination is really what it's all about.

I would ask you, the listener, to imagine houses that are so energy efficient that they need only minimal, if any, power from the electric grid; imagine building technologies and materials that generate energy on rooftops using energy from the sun, the wind, and other natural resources. Imagine your house actually powering an electric vehicle to meet your household transportation needs. You don't have to imagine too awfully hard, since the Solar Decathlon homes do all that, here, in Washington, DC, today.

Using technologies and materials and processes available today, Solar Decathletes have created marvels of engineering, architecture and design. And they've built those structures on the National Mall right here in Washington, DC.

I want to congratulate all the competing teams. Their efforts in the Solar Decathlon are helping to make today's solar technology part of today's energy reality. These students really are the best and the brightest, and I stand in awe of their accomplishments. To me, they are all winners.

So, whether you're a competitor, supporter, or visitor, I welcome you and hope that you can take the time to explore the solar village here at the Decathlon. And if you're unable to attend, be sure to check out all the action on line at either of our websites dedicated to this fantastic event. The Web site addresses are, or—where you can watch videos, see photos, listen to podcasts, and read up on the action. Thank you, and enjoy the 2007 Solar Decathlon.


This has been a special edition of Energy Buzz. To learn more about the Solar Decathlon, go to For more about the world of energy efficiency and renewable energy, log on to the Department of Energy's Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy website at Thank you for listening. (Distinct Music (3sec) for DOE/EERE)