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Photo of the University of Illinois 2007 Solar Decathlon home with a clear blue sky in the background. The home features a wooden railing around the front porch, golden-hued wood siding,and rectangular windows of various sizes. Window awnings block sunlight while producing electricity from the solar panels on top of them.

The University of Illinois won the 2007 Solar Decathlon Market Viability contest with this home, which jurors determined had the greatest market appeal.

Solar Decathlon 2007

Market Viability

(150 points)

The Market Viability contest evaluates whether the house has market appeal and is well suited for everyday living—and if it could be built easily and accommodate a variety of potential homeowners. The jury considers livability, buildability, and flexibility. A key goal of the Solar Decathlon is to help reduce the cost of building-integrated PV systems. Teams build their houses for a target market of their choosing and are asked to demonstrate the potential of their houses to keep costs affordable within that market.