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Solar Decathlon 2011

Architecture Contest

(100 points)

For the Architecture contest of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011, teams were required to design and build attractive, high-performance houses that integrated solar and energy-efficiency technologies seamlessly into the design.

A jury of professional architects focused on:

  • Architectural elements
    Architectural elements included the scale and proportion of room and facade features, indoor/outdoor connections, composition, and linking of various house elements.

  • Holistic design
    Holistic design is an architectural design that is comfortable for occupants and compatible with the surrounding environment.

  • Lighting
    The jury assessed the integration and energy efficiency of electrical and natural light.

  • Inspiration
    Inspiration is reflected in a design that inspires and delights Solar Decathlon visitors.

  • Documentation
    Documentation included drawings, a project manual, and an audiovisual architecture presentation that accurately reflected the constructed project on the competition site.

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