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Photo of a student working at a computer in a home office.

A 2002 Crowder College team member worked on the computer in her team's home business office space.

Solar Decathlon 2002

Home Business

(100 points)

Because many American homes now have offices, the Home Business Contest had the 2002 Solar Decathletes demonstrate that a solar-powered house could provide adequate energy to operate home office equipment.

Measurement-Based Criteria

Objective criteria for the Home Business Contest included completing the following tasks (all designed to use energy that would affect the Energy Balance Contest:

  • Operating a computer workstation most of the day during the contest
  • Completing contest diaries
  • Printing out newsletters for the Graphics and Communications Contest
  • Operating a TV/video player most of the day during the contest

Judging Criteria

Subjective criteria for the Home Business Contest included:

  • Designing an appropriately lit and conditioned space for home office use
  • Integrating office space to complement the home's interior design
  • Providing a comfortable office environment

And the Winner Was...

Crowder College won the Home Business Contest with a perfect score of 100 points. The judges said in the Crowder home, they appreciated the variety of available audiovisual equipment that could accommodate a number of home and office activities. The team nicely organized the layout of the combined living and office space to maximize its efficiency.

You can learn more about Crowder College's home and team.