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Photo of well-lit interior of house.

The Crowder College team installed sensors in the ceiling to monitor lighting levels in its house. As outside light levels changed, inside lighting adjusted to strike a balance.

Solar Decathlon 2002


(100 points)

Electric lighting consumes a significant amount of energy in our homes. The Lighting Contest challenged the 2002 Solar Decathletes to develop an energy-efficient lighting strategy that used both electric lighting and daylighting (a passive solar strategy).

Measurement-Based Criteria

Objective criteria for the Lighting Contest included:

  • Maintaining acceptable lighting levels both day and night

Judging Criteria

Subjective criteria for the Lighting Contest included:

  • Meeting lighting needs of occupants
  • Integrating daylighting elements elegantly with architectural design
  • Creating a pleasant and attractive environment
  • Avoiding glare with the use of daylighting

And the Winner Was...

Crowder College won the Lighting Contest with 96.923 points out of 100 points. Judges said this team demonstrated the best solution for efficiently lighting a small space that doesn't have a significant amount of available daylight. The team also appropriately used occupancy sensors, photo sensors, and automatic dimmable lighting controls to reduce energy use.

You can learn more about Crowder College's home and team.