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And Now … Winners of the Official Unofficial Solar Decathlon Contests!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

By Ruby Theresa Nahan

If you read our They Build Through Rain, Sleet, Snow or Hail blog post, you’ll know that weather is officially Solar Decathlon’s unofficial 11th contest. And we pretty much had it all—rain, sleet, snow, wind, and lots and lots of mud. It was the first time Solar Decathlon has ever seen snow, and good news—no hail! For the Weather Contest, we’re happy to report an 11-way tie. All 11 teams completed their houses, opened to the public, and participated in the competition.

Sharing the spot for the official unofficial 12th contest are the People’s Choice Award and the Student’s Super Awesome House Award.

For the first time, Solar Decathlon 2017 hosted the People’s Choice Award on Facebook. Thanks to organizer and team efforts to spread the word, the Facebook poll reached 85,000 people and tallied 14,500 votes. The people spoke, and we heard ’em—the team from the Netherlands, with Selficient, won People’s Choice!

The Student’s Choice award is just that—the collective opinion of the thousands of middle-school students who visited Solar Decathlon in the past two weeks. These students participated in Education Days programs, visiting the team houses and learning about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability. These kids are our future decathletes. We loved hosting them, and we love hearing from them. The Student’s Super Awesome House Award went to Northwestern University and their competition house, Enable.

Congratulations to all of our winners!

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