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Gracelyn Attablayo is #SDLivingTheDream: Studying the evolving complexity of building design

Monday, July 18, 2022

Name: Gracelyn Attablayo

Year participated in Solar Decathlon : 2020

University team : Illinois Institute of Technology

Organization/ employer: Socotec Inc.

Role: Building Envelope Inspector

How did participation in the Solar Decathlon affect the trajectory of your career?

I have always been intrigued by the evolving complexity of building design, its relation to sustainability and my contribution as a budding professional. Participating in the Solar Decathlon gave a glimpse to how I could be involved in early phases of design and directly impact the final project outcome. For me, it was the perfect opportunity to specifically apply principles of building science and facade design, which I had developed an interest in, in a real-world scenario. As challenging as it was, it was fulfilling to realize the impact of my contribution, fueling my desire to continue on that path.

Describe a work outcome, building project or other achievement you are most proud of and how (if) it relates to your experience with Solar Decathlon.

A photo of Gracelyn on the 20th anniversary panelUsing skills refined during the competition, I have performed in my work thermal modeling of building assemblies to analyze areas of thermal bridging concerns or to determine thermal resistance values for building envelope energy compliance checks or for whole building energy modeling inputs. One such analysis was for a project in New York where more accurate U-values for a few opaque wall assemblies were needed after the initial COMcheck failed. With the use of values derived from Therm modeling, the area weighted average U-values were calculated and subsequently used for the COMcheck, which passed.



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