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Solar Decathlon Pathways logo on a photo of a classroom listening to an instructor

Solar Decathlon Pathways Testimonials

Student testimonials:

"Thank you for teaching us about sustainable buildings and about your work as an engineer, which left a mark on me and helped me learn what I want to be in the future!"

"Thank you for sharing your experiences and how your job impacts the world for the better."

– 2023 Student

Teacher testimonials:

"Thanks again for coming out and presenting to our students. A few of them followed up with some questions when I got back to the shop. A sure sign you had an impact."

"I wanted to tell you that Jonathan was AMAZING!!! The group of kids in that particular class have a variety of learning levels and interests. They were all captivated by him and his PowerPoint. Seven of them asked him a question afterwards and, although they usually leave at 3:00, every single one stayed!!!!!! I hope they absorbed and retain the new knowledge forever!!!! I know I certainly will!"

– 2023 Teacher

Solar Decathlon alum testimonials:

"Thanks again for the opportunity. I think this is a great program to get students interested in high performance building careers."

"I signed up for this opportunity because I believe that it is important to inform and inspire young people to get into a field that is ripe with opportunity. Opportunity not only for personal success, but also for the advancement of technologies that will aid in the fight against climate change. In my estimation, the construction industry is the place where an individual can make the greatest environmental impact. I love my career and am thankful for the opportunity to share my experience with young people."

– 2023 Solar Decathlon alum